StampPDF® is a plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® X, XI and DC on Windows operating systems. The software allows the user to add new text to the pages of a PDF document. This new content may be added in any position, such as diagonally across a document or as headers and footers. Text stamps may be made in a variety of fonts and text styles, including color.

Documentation and Sample Files

Within the StampPDF directory are directories for documentation and sample files. The documentation directory contains the User Guide for StampPDF as well as the readme file (this document). The samples directory contains sample PDF documents and stamp files to use for evaluating StampPDF.

Known Issues

  • Symbol and Zapf Dingbat fonts do not always draw properly.
  • Image stamping is not supported in the interface. If you need assistance, please contact If your requirement is to stamp multiple documents, please visit our website for information on our StampPDF Desktop Edition.
  • The word wrapping feature is currently only available with the “New Stamp File” option. Support for word wrap with the “Single Stamp” option will be included in a future release.
  • Stamps will not be applied to encrypted or password-protected documents. Documents must have full write permissions to be stamped with StampPDF.

Product Support

We offer telephone and email support for StampPDF. For information on contacting our support department, please visit the Support page on our website.

We usually answer questions within one day of receiving them. Please keep in mind that e-mail delivery can be unpredictable at times and receiving our response may take longer than you anticipate.

You will need to provide us with the following information. It will help us to resolve your problem more efficiently.

  • State that you are using the StampPDF plug-in and give its version number (find the version number in the About box; access the About box under the Help > About Third-Party Plug-Ins > StampPDF menu.
  • What is your operating system and its version?
  • Attach the document you are trying to stamp, along with the stamp file, if possible.
  • What are the steps you took that led to the problem? Are you able to reproduce them or do you not know what caused the fault?
  • Include any relevant messages that appeared on your screen.
  • Let us know the best way and time for us to contact you if we require additional information.

StampPDF is a registered trademark of Appligent Inc.