Categories are classifications that can be defined to selectively redact text and images based upon the intended recipient of the redacted documents. For example, you might have one category of markup to be used when redacting for discovery documents in a legal case and another category to be used when redacting documents for the general public.

Categories are defined in the Redax box properties as shown in the figure below.

Redax Box Properties Category Field

Defining a category

  1. Always begin by saving a copy of your document as a “working document.”

  2. Create your markup using any of the methods described in Markup Methods.

  3. Categories are defined in the Redax Box Properties of a Redax box. Open the Redax Box Properties by double-clicking on a Redax box in the document. The Redax Properties Box will open as shown in the figure above.

  4. Enter a category definition in the Category Field. You can assign one category to each Redax box.

  5. Click OK. Once you add the first category, it will now appear on a list which is available any time you open a Redax Properties Box in this document.

Adding more than one category

As you add different categories to the Redax Properties Box within a document, the Category field will display a list of categories that are available within the document you have open, as shown in the figure below. The number in parentheses indicates the current number of occurrences of each Redax box assigned to that category in the document.

Category List in the Redax Box Properties

You can chose from the list of categories by clicking on the arrow at the right side of the Category field and moving your cursor to the category you want. The one you choose will appear in the field.

You can apply different categories to different Redax boxes within a document. Each Redax box can only have one category assigned to it.
When you have completed setting the category for the Redax box, click OK to save your changes.

Now that you have set categories for specific Redax boxes, you will be able to create different redacted versions of the same original document depending upon the purpose of the final redacted document.