There are many built in patterns that allow you to quickly search through a PDF file to find dates, social security numbers, email addresses, etc.

To select a Pattern for Redax to search on, click on the Pattern name under Inactive Pattern Groups > click on the right arrow. The Pattern will appear under Active Pattern Groups. Redax will search for all Patterns in the Active Pattern Group in the open, active document.

Available patterns (this list is provided below)

The example below is searching in a PDF file for the Date:

Marked text area from Find Using Pattern run

Available patterns

The patterns provided with Redax include:

  • Credit Card
  • Date
  • Date numeric period-separated (12.08.2010)
  • Date numeric space-separated (12 08 2010)
  • Email
  • Postal Code Australia
  • Postal Code Brazil
  • Postal Code Canada
  • Postal Code Denmark
  • Postal Code France
  • Postal Code Germany
  • Postal Code India
  • Postal Code Netherlands
  • Postal Code Russia
  • Postal Code Spain
  • Postal Code USA
  • Postal Code United Kingdom
  • Social Security Number
  • Telephone # Australia
  • Telephone # NA – 7 digit (555-1212)
  • Telephone # North America (888) 555-1212
  • Telephone# United Kingdom
  • URL