Although you can use Redax out-of-the-box, it’s best to customize it for your environment and the particular project you are working on. These chapters tells you how to:

Lists, Patterns and Regular Expressions – a Brief Introduction

Redax 5 includes powerful tools to help locate and markup PDF content for redaction.

  • Lists allow users to create a set of specific words or phrases to be marked for redaction.
  • Patterns allow users to identify content for redaction in more general terms, such as “social security number” or “email address”.
  • Regular Expressions allow users to develop customized patterns for locating content for redaction.

Advisory: The quality and internal structure of PDF files can vary greatly. Consequently, no warranty is offered with respect to the accuracy with which lists, patterns or regular expression lists used with Redax will locate and mark text. Text that breaks across a line may not be found, or additional text may be selected in such cases. Appligent Document Solutions always recommends a visual review of marked-up documents prior to redaction and release.