Redax® is a plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® that removes (redacts) user-selected text, images, and entire pages from PDF documents.

These release notes contain last-minute product information and updates. Please refer to the following documentation for additional information:

You can find these documents on the installation CD, in the default installation directory and on our website.

Redax Version Changes

Redax 5.8

  • Ability to customize text for Full Page redactions. You can now set the position (top left, center, bottom left, bottom of page), color and size of the text that is placed on the Full Page redaction. These options can be set at Redax Menu > Redax Preferences > Redax Options
  • Exemption codes placed in a Full Page Tag now appear on screen.  In previous versions, you would see “Redact Page” inside the Full Page Tag
  • Users can markup a file for redaction using the Rectangle Tool inside of Adobe Reader.  Redax now has an option under the Convert Markup dialog to redact Rectangle annotations
  • Two new “Remove” options have been added to the Redax Menu.   These options are
    • Remove Redax Boxes from Page – This will remove Redax boxes only on the current page
    • Remove Full Page Tags – This will remove Full Page Tags within the document.  You have the option of selecting which pages or page ranges you want to remove the Full Page Tags from

Redax 5.6

  • Some customers would receive a message stating “Error in Redax Command. Bad Parameter” while trying to redact a file.  This version contains a fix for those problem files.

Redax 5.5

  • Exemption codes now appear correctly on rotate pages. NOTE: Exemption codes may not display correctly on rotated pages if Position is set to WordWrap under Redaction Preferences.

Redax 5.0.5

  • Support for Acrobat XI (11)
  • Redact tagged PDF files.  In previous version of Redax you would have to remove the tags from a file before redacting
  • Changes to some dialogs (Find Using List, Find Regular Expressions and Edit Palettes) to be compatible with Acrobat XI (11)

Redax 5.0

New Features

  • More Patterns! New additions include dates, URLs, email addresses, credit card numbers and many more. Optionally, apply the pattern type as the exemption code.
  • Support for Regular Expressions! Now Redax users can create their own patterns.
  • New option to remove all form fields. Redax does not allow redaction of files containing active form fields. Now Redax gives you a way to easily remove all form fields from your document before redacting.
  • The Report window now remains open until you choose to close it.
  • Redax 5.0 now allows you to redact a file multiple times.
  • New markup engine adds list and other automated markup up to 30 times faster than before.
  • Support for redacting Type 0 and Type 3 fonts.
  • JPEG 2000 images are now supported.

Changes in behavior

  • When running Find Using List, Redax now applies Redax boxes to areas instead of highlights. This allows users to easily create a Report without the additional step of converting highlights to Redax boxes.
  • The Redax Preferences are now three sub-menus instead of one dialog with three tabs. To access the preferences, select Redax > Redax Preferences.
  • The menu item Draw Box Full Page has been changed to Draw Full Page Box.
  • The Next and Previous menu items and buttons now navigate to pages that include Full-Page tags as well as Redax boxes.
  • The ‘Full Page Operations’ menu no longer exists. To remove Full-Page tags, you can now use Remove All Redax Boxes. This option will remove boxes as well as Full-Page tags throughout the document.

Fixed in 5.0 release

  • In previous releases if you were in “Draw Box” mode and you clicked the mouse, small Redax boxes would be drawn on the page. You now need to click and drag the mouse in order for Redax boxes to be drawn on the page.
  • Older versions of Redax would redact text above and/or below a Redax box if any adjoining text areas (including line spacing) were touched by the Redax box. The current version of Redax will only redact characters contained within a Redax box.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Redax 5.0.

  • The palette windows always open at the top right of the screen. If you move the palette windows they will appear at the top right of the screen again when Acrobat is re-opened.
  • Scrolling through the report window in Acrobat X may cause an error, the solution is to force-quit and restart Acrobat.
  • Redax does not support redacting tagged PDF. Tags need to be removed from a file before it can be redacted. Acrobat Pro makes it easy to remove tags with the Optimizer. For Acrobat Standard users, re-distilling the PDF will eliminate the tags.
  • The categories displayed in the Redax Preferences or Redax Box Properties dialogs may display small check boxes next to each Category name. These can be ignored.

Adobe Website Message

If users do NOT have Redax installed and click on a Redax box they will be prompted to search Adobe’s website for a Redax plug-in. Choose No.

Exemption Codes

Regardless of other settings, when word-wrap is set, exemption codes are located in the top-left corner of the redacted area. Exemption codes placed at the bottom of the page do not wrap.

If an exemption code exceeds the width of the Redax box, it appears to be clipped. You can view the full exemption code in a tooltip by moving the pointer over the Redax box, or in the Redax Box Properties dialog box by double-clicking the Redax box.

Find Path Areas

It is not recommended to use the Redax > Find Areas > Find Path Areas feature on documents containing graphics or drawing areas made up of large numbers of paths. In such cases, Redax produces a huge number of Redax boxes which dramatically increase the file size and takes a very long time to process.

Find Using List Editor

If the list window is completely full and there is no white space to click into, you are unable to add more exemption codes. The work-around is to create a new List file in a text-editor and import the file into the Find Using List Editor.

You can use the Export File… and Import File… buttons in the Find Using List editor to save your existing list to a text file. Then use a text editor such as Notepad to add the additional information.

Markup Find Using List/Find Using Patterns

There is some overlap in the Social Security number and zip code patterns. For example, a pattern search on either Social Security number or zip code will find this pattern: nnnnn-nnnn.

Bitmap Images

When bitmap images are redacted, the redacted portion of the image is replaced with white or other color as selected in Redaction Preferences. Occasionally in some files, black is used instead. When this occurs, the redacted image area appears darker than other redacted areas.

Under Acrobat 7, on pages that contain images, the text and images might at times appear to be slightly grayed following redaction.

Redax Boxes

Redax boxes drawn in versions of Redax prior to 5.0 are not automatically updated. For example, exemption codes might be displayed above the Redax box rather than within it, or the Redax box might not be visible.

To update the Redax boxes in your document:

  1. Select Redax > Redax Preferences > Redax Box Preferences
  2. Click Apply Changes to Current Document.
  3. Clear all of the check boxes in the Change All Redax Boxes dialog box, and then click OK.

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