After you mark a document for redaction–either with Redax markup or Acrobat markup and redaction boxes–it’s ready to be redacted. This chapter describes the two redaction methods for redacting a document that contains Redax markup or Acrobat markup.

Do not skip the important final steps for redacting your document, which are in these chapters:

Redacting Redax markup

You follow the same procedure to redact all Redax markup, that is, information in Redax boxes and pages marked with Full-Page tags.

To redact Redax markup (Redax boxes and Full-Page tags)

  1. Select Redax > Redact Document. Redax creates a new PDF document in a new window, adding a prefix of r_ to the original document name. For example, if the original document name is MySample.pdf, the redacted document name is r_MySample.pdf. In the redacted document, all information marked with Redax boxes and Full-Page tags is completely removed.

    In addition, depending on your preferences:

    • The redacted area is overlaid by a rectangle in the color and transparency specified in your redaction preferences.
    • Exemption codes, if you redacted with them, are positioned within the redacted area or at the bottom of the page, according to your redaction preferences.
    • Consecutive fully-redacted pages are condensed into a single page or remain as individual pages, according to your processing option preferences.

  2. Select File > Save to save the redacted document. The Save As dialog box is displayed.

  3. Specify a name and location for the redacted document, and then click Save. The redacted document is saved using the name and location you specified.

    The following figures show some examples of redacted text, images, and pages.

    Redacted Text

    Redacted Bitmap Image

    Redacted Vector Image

    Fully Redacted Page

    Fully Redacted Pages, Condensed

Redacting Acrobat markup

You can directly redact Acrobat markup, that is, text marked with Acrobat Highlight, Cross Out (Strikethrough), Underline and/or Acrobat redaction markup.

  1. Select Redax > Convert Markup.

    The Convert Markup dialog box appears (see the figure below).

    Convert Markup Dialog Box

  2. Select one or more of the following markup types to redact: Highlights, Cross Outs, Underlines, Acrobat redaction markup.

  3. (Optional) Assign an exemption code to each type of markup you are redacting.

  4. Choose Redact Markup — Redax will redact Acrobat markup only in the current document.

    Note: No Redax boxes in the document will be redacted.

  5. Click OK.

    Nothing Redacted Message

    Important! If you choose Redax > Redact Document instead of Redax > Convert Markup, nothing will happen. A message will open letting you know that nothing was redacted.  Redact Document will only redact Redax boxes and Full-Page tags. It is not designed to redact Acrobat markups (Highlights, Cross Outs, Underlines and Acrobat redaction).

  6. Redax creates a new PDF document in a new window, adding a prefix of r_ to the original document name. For example, if the original document name is MySample.pdf, the redacted document name is r_MySample.pdf.In the redacted document, all marked up text is completely removed and appears as you have specified in your preferences. Exemption codes (if you redacted with them) are positioned according to your preferences.

    The following figure illustrates a page redacted from Acrobat markup.

    Redacted Acrobat Markup

Redacting by Category

  1. When the document is open, select Redax > Redact by Category.

    The Select Categories To Redact dialog box opens as shown in the figure below:
    Select Categories To Redact dialog box

  2. Click, shift/click or ctrl/click to select the Redax box categories you want to redact. The numbers in parentheses report on the number of Redax boxes for each category.You can redact one category or multiple categories. Depending upon which categories you choose, a different set of Redax boxes will be redacted. All other Redax boxes will be ignored.

    Important! You will want to be sure that “Remove Redax boxes after redaction” is checked in your Preferences.  To set, select Redax Menu > Redax Preferences > Redax Options (see Defining Processing Option Preferences).

  3. Click OK.

    Your working document can have different categories applied to many different Redax boxes as shown in the figure below.

    Document with Categories Assigned to Redax Boxes

    The Redax boxes with categories set to the choices you made for redaction will be redacted. The figure below shows an example page redacted for the different categories as were shown in the figure above.

    Category Selected Redaction Results