If you repeatedly redact documents in which the information to be redacted is always located in the same position, you can automate the markup process with a Redax template. Simply create a template from an existing document and then apply it to like documents. The following sections explain how.

Important! Redax cannot redact text in active form fields. Before you create a new template from a form or apply an existing template to a form, you need to either flatten or remove the form fields. To remove the form fields, select Redax Menu > Remove All Form Fields.

Creating a Redax template

You can create a single- or multi-page Redax template from a PDF document.

  1. Mark up the document from which you want to create a template, as described in previous sections of this chapter.

    Note: Redax boxes and/or Full-Page Tags are required for Redax templates. You cannot use Acrobat markups.

  2. Select Redax > Export Redax Template. The Template Repeat Count dialog box appears (see the figure below)

    Template Repeat Count dialog box

  3. Enter the number of pages that make up the template for the Page Repeat Increment. The template must always have Redax boxes on page 1. If your template has Redax boxes on more than one page, the pages must be consecutive.

    Note: If your template is one page, enter 1 in the Page Repeat Increment box. If your template is three pages, enter 3 in the Page Repeat Increment box.

  4. Click OK. A dialog appears that allows you to select an output file.

  5. Specify a name and location for the template file, and then click Save.

Applying a Redax template

You can apply a Redax template to a PDF document that contains any number of copies of the page or set of pages that matches the template. For example, if a document contains 100 copies of a three-page form, a three-page template will be applied 100 times across the document.

Important! The PDF document must meet these requirements:

  • Each set of pages that the template will be applied to must have the same formatting, and be the same size and orientation, as the template document. Otherwise the results will be unpredictable.
  • Remove Active form fields, if present, by selecting Redax Menu > Remove Form Fields.

To apply a Redax template

  1. In the document to which you want to apply a template, select Redax > Import Redax Template. A file selection dialog box appears.

  2. Locate and open the Redax template you want to use. Redax boxes are applied to the document as specified in the template.

  3. Verify the location of the Redax boxes and make manual changes as necessary.

  4. Select File > Save to save the markup.