What You Learned

In this tutorial, you became acquainted with the following items on the Redax menu:

  • Redax Preferences
  • Find Areas > Find Path Areas
  • Draw Box
  • Find Using List
  • Redact Document
  • Remove All Annotations

You also walked through the basic steps involved in redacting any PDF document:

  1. Set Redax preferences
  2. Evaluate the document
  3. Mark up the document
  4. Redact the document

During the walk through, you learned about:

  • Redax Preferences settings for:
    • Redax boxes
    • Redactions
    • Options
  • Vector and bitmap images
  • Redaction list files
  • Converting Acrobat highlights to Redax boxes
  • Exemption codes and exemption code palettes
  • The new redaction file, with an r_ prefix
  • Removing annotations from redacted files

Where To Go from Here

If you want to get some more practice with Redax before you begin a real-world redaction project, try these exercises:

  • Go through the tutorial again, but this time add some of the tasks discussed in the “What Else You Should Know” sections in each chapter.
  • Go through the tutorial again, but use one of your own PDF documents as a sample. You will, of course, have to make some substitutions, as the tutorial is specific to the sample file supplied with Redax.

As you go through each exercise in the tutorial, consult the Redax User Guide for additional options and information, including: