Is there a limit on the amount of characters I can stamp?

If you choose “Single Stamp” or “New Stamp File” menu options, then there is a 255 character limit. It allows you to type over 255 characters in the Text Box, but it will only stamp 255 characters.

The workaround for this 255 limit is to open the existing stamp file in a text editor and add the additional text within the text parameter value, then stamp using the “Stamp Using File” menu option.


Text (Text parameter value…type all your text within the brackets)

If you need help modifying your stamp file to workaround this limit, please contact our technical support department, 610-284-4006 or

There is no limit on the amount of stamps you can make per document.

StampPDF Batch and StampPDF Desktop Edition do not have a character limit set on the amount of characters it can stamp at one time. The limit is only a problem with the plug-in.