Acrobat Certified Mode issues (Redax)

The “Certified Mode” option began with Acrobat 6 and is also part of all subsequent versions, including XI. Certified Mode is available only for Adobe plug-ins to Acrobat. Third party plug-ins will not appear on the Acrobat menu when Certified Mode is set to Yes. Certified Mode is usually set to to Yes when you install Acrobat. You must turn off Certified Mode for the Redax menu to appear in Acrobat. Correct this by taking the steps described in the answer to I installed Redax, but do not see the Redax menu when I open Acrobat. Why is this?

If you are using Acrobat 9, X, or XI, Certified Mode is unchecked, but is really set to Yes until a third party plug-in is installed, so you just need to install Redax.

At times the steps above may not correct the problem even though the certified plug-ins box is not checked. Then you should take one of the following steps:

  • Choose Help > Detect and Repair, or Repair Acrobat Installation, depending upon which version of Acrobat you are using.
  • If that step does not work, then you need to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat. Follow the steps to turn Certified Mode off and then install the Redax.

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